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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is NowoChat?
    NowoChat is an organized group and interest based chatting application where you can connect with people those who are having similar interest like yours and expand your network, also you can find mentor and experts in interested category and field
  • Who founded NowoChat?
    Mr. Chirag Solanki LinkedIn -
  • Where and When NowoChat was founded?
    EDII, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India and it was founded in 2020
  • Is NowoChat funded?
    Yes, It was backed by IFCI Venture Limited and supported by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (Cradle, EDII)
  • Can we do one to one chat?
    Yes, NowoChat has feature to do one to one chat with your friends
  • Is NowoChat free?
    Yes, for users to chat in group as well as to do personal chat it absolutely free, only to talk with experts or mentors you have to pay consultancy charges.
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