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Introducing NowoChat

Find whoever you seek for and start chatting, it’s that simple. NowoChat is a global chatting platform which unites the people of their own interest or field.

  • Groups
  • Chat
  • Discover



As the core concept of the app you can discover the users from whatever industry or interest or field you desire for ex. :  A cancer patient can discover the group of other cancer patients, A Sportsperson to Sportsperson, Student to Student or Student to Teacher and vice versa, and many more can chat & share. User can move to the search page and can search whatever group, category or other user he desires to.

  • According to Need/Requirement
  • According to your Interest, Subject & Topic
  • According to the field which you seek for

140+ Groups

There are total 140+ groups that have almost covered each and every sector from Education, Sports, Health Sector, etc. categories. Users can choose any group from any category of his/her choice and start interacting with the other users in the same group. There is no limit for the interest and hence we don’t provide you any limit for joining groups so start exploring as per your interest.


  • No Limit for Joining groups
  • Join, Chat & Share Unlimited
  • We have covered a wide area

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Top Grade Security

Your accounts/profiles will always be safe and secure with our high level secure encryption systems

No need to worry for the third party interference as the chats will be one to one encrypted



We are CDK Communications Pvt. Ltd. We started our journey as a startup funded and listed by government of India and our main motto was to solve the problems faced by people on daily life basis through our product. We respect our users and our main aim is to serve them a life long solution. Happy Chatting with No Worries!

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